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What food is all about and which is good.

Veggies are especially good but with some exceptions,

 Any amount; dark colored ones are best. Fresh & little processed [steamed] is best.

Go easy on the rapidly absorbed starchy carbs from potatoes.

 The colored ones have many types of carotenoid [like vitamin A] & flavonoids [phytochemicals] that prevent all kinds of illnesses (cancer, heart & vascular trouble, strokes, etc).  

Especially the "above-ground" portions of veggies has fiber, slow-release energy and no fat.  Cabbage, broccoli & Brussels sprouts are anti-cancer.  Garlic is probably heart-healthy.


"All the way with 5 to 10 a day" --fruits and veggies.


Whole-grains & whole (brown) rice   The finer they are ground into a powder, the quicker their sugars are absorbed, increasing their "Glycemic Index".  This is not good for heart disease and diabetes.  Reasonable amouts - if tolerated.

  When a product says enriched its not whole.



 Basic food; contains many good components like fiber, minerals and vitamins that are removed in refining.  Bran & germ are very high in B vitamins, minerals & betaine.  Cheap.

The Harvard "Nurses Study" found a reduction of over 30% in heart disease (CHD) for those eating 2½ servings per day of whole grain or rice products versus the group having them once a week (the US average being a ½ serving per day).  Here's your reference: AmJClNutr; Sept. '99 (my comment is the April 2000 issue).


Beans, soy and lentils (legumes) Reasonable amounts; combine with grains / again: if tolerated. Lower blood fats (triglycerides).  High fiber, low fat.  Combine with nuts & grains.  Their protein may be good for the heart.  Soy is good for health, heart & anti-cancer but there's discussion if its extracted protein and hormone like ingredients are healthy (veggie burgers, baby formula, sports-mixes].  Cheap.


Cereal bran & germ are amazing sources of betaine & choline. About 30 g/day, 2x the average US intake.  50g/day helps diabetes -NEJM May 11 '00 Often missing in processed foods.  Aids elimination --reducing colon cancer risk by about 1/3rd.  Helps cholesterol 'turn over'  Found in whole grains (oat), fruits, beans, veggies.  2 tablespoons of crushed flax seed gets you most of your fiber and all your plant-based omega-3; it also lowers excess Lp(a) cholesterol and helps keeps you 'regular'.

Fruits & berries  Lots, within reason Same as veggies.  Lots of vitamins and fiber and no fats.  Their flavonoids strengthen blood vessels and are strong antioxidants.

Eggs & Liver Regularly (if you like them; fresh) High in protein, B vitamins, lecithin and choline and low in fat.  Proportionally raises good cholesterol more than bad [if you think that's important].  Avoid dried egg: it has oxidized cholesterol.

Oils  Canola -rape seed is a uniquely cheap 10% source of omega-3 and otherwise much like olive. Flax oil has 5x that, but it must be used fresh and in tea spoon amounts.

 Second choices for nonhydrogenated canola margarines in Canada (the great stuff of the Lyon Heart Study) are Our Compliments, Fleischmann's and 'Bertolli Becel'.


As of May 2006, the U.S. (Vt) had no margarines I'd eat apart from possibly Olivio.  95% of U.S. margarines are toxic with masive omega-6 (soy, corn, sunflower] and hydrogenated trans fats.

 2 teaspoons of flax or fish oil, or 2 tblsp. canola or unhydrogenated soybean oil.


  As luck has it, 3 of the cheapest oils are full of omega 3: flax, canola & soy.



 5 pillars of heart health:





Potassium +



B vitamins


Fruits 'n veggies.


 The only 2 essential oils -"vitamin F"- are linoleic (n-6 or omega-6) and alpha-linolenic (n-3 or omega-3).  These 2 polyunsaturates are the feed-stock for 3 classes of hormones, and for nerve, brain, skin and cell walls (you may want to read that again).

The type you're probably lacking is omega-3, found only in fatty fish (like salmon, mackerel, & sardines), in flax(lin)seed, canola type rape seed (colza), mustard seed, chia, candlenut, wheat germ, some melon seeds, hemp, walnuts and some green leaf veggies.  It is also found in unhydrogenated soy and, for the record, in snake oil.  [Snakes and cold water fish can't afford stiffness or arthritis in their joints and are therefore full of ultra fluid omega-3 oils.]  GOOD FOR: heart, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood fluidity, Crohn's disease, asthma, arthritis, cramps, adult diabetes, brain, MS, & smooth skin.


Omega-3's vital role is compromised by heating and hydrogenation (most soy is), by shortening, by omega-6s and by most saturated fats (but coconut and palm-kernel oils are nutritionally unique with 50% lauric-acid which has immune system roles).


Buy oils in dark containers and keep cool; they will spoil.  Rancid omega-3 and -6 are toxic so they're always safer with a capsule or 2 of added vitamin E, the fat antioxidant.  


DON'T overdose on omega-6 (linoleic) from corn, soy, sunflower, safflower or cottonseed.  For frying I'd use butter, virgin olive, tropical (safest) or peanut oil.  Virgin olive is a great oil for daily use but has no omega-3.  Here's a remarkable canola site, the heart-healthy oil.




(factory soy based granules) 1-2 table spoons per day (also in liver, eggs, soy and beans)  Emulsifies fat; improves types of blood fats.  It is part of our nerves & brain; forms choline (makes neuro-transmitter) and betaine (lowers homocysteine).  Health food store granules have nice fatty flavor.  Refrigerate.

Meats Not essential. Some factory animal farming is ecologically, morally and nutritionally iffy As fresh as possible.  Aging, drying and over-frying damages or oxidizes fats and cholesterol.  Such damaged fats make the basically good LDL go "bad", and are best limited.  Aging softens muscle from beef.  Other meats are almost never 'aged'.  Fish evidently never is -because of its fast spoiling -smelly- omega-3 content!

Water Lots -within reason Keeps things fluid & may cut bladder cancer by ½.    

The College Arms  01789 720342

Lower Quinton, CV37 8SG

 Map & Directions  Website  

Han Chinese Cuisine  01926 883276

5 - 6 Clarendon Avenue, CV32 5PP

 Map & Directions  Website  

Seasons Restaurant  01926 424340

115 Warwick Street, CV32 4QZ

 Map & Directions  Website  

Turmeric Gold  024 7623 9000

166 Spon Street, Coventry, CV1 3BB


Eden  024 7655 1234

3 Ryley Street, Coventry, CV1 4AJ


Kakooti  024 7622 1392

16 Spon Street, Coventry, CV1 3BA


Bus Stop  024 7655 5335

18 City Arcade, Coventry, CV1 3HW


Five Monkeys  024 7663 3388

6-7 Whitefriars Street, Coventry, CV1 2DS


Mcdonald's Restaurants Ltd  024 7652 5745

26 Cross Cheaping, Coventry, CV1 1HF


Chicago Rock Cafe  024 7622 7034

The Skydome, Croft Road, Coventry, CV1 3AZ


Royal China Fusion  024 7655 1533

London Road, Coventry, CV1 2JP


San Marco  024 7663 4776

114 Far Gosford Street, Coventry, CV1 5EA


Tasty N Spicy  024 7622 2702

31 Silver Street, Coventry, CV1 1HP


Red Hot Chilli Peppers Balti  024 7663 4563

118 Gosford St, Coventry, CV1 5DL


Istanbul  024 7622 2342

17 Butts, Coventry, CV1 3GJ


The Thai Dusit  024 7655 9966

London Road, Coventry, CV1 2JP


The Saffron Balti House  024 7622 2397

25 Cross Cheaping, Coventry, CV1 1HF


Mcdonald's Restaurants Ltd  024 7622 6962

Smithford Way, West Orchard Shopping Centre,


Prague Bar Restaurant  024 7625 1000

Priory Place, Fairfax Street, Coventry, CV1 5RZ



Han Dynasty  024 7663 1868

29 Smithford Way, Coventry, CV1 1FY


Nando's  024 7663 4992

Apartment 1/6 Ribbon Factory, New Buildings, Coventry, CV1 1FE


Nawaz Balti House  024 7622 4482

153 Far Gosford Street, Coventry, CV1 5DU


Dragon Phoenix  024 7625 8688

Kings Chambers, Hertford Place , Coventry, CV1 3JZ


Desai Dish  024 7625 6343

83 Far Gosford Street, Coventry, CV1 5DZ

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