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What is a Chinese Buffet

Nowadays, it seems as if every city, town, or village centre contains at least one Chinese buffet like the Dragon Poenix in Coventry, each one with its very own Style. We Have a few in Coventry, Despite this, their success in recent years has been exponential and I personally have to admit, have ventured into a few in recent times and have only now decided to write about these establishments. Although they are popping up left, right and centre, are they a good addition to the world of British-Chinese dining? Or even to British-Chinese society?


For the customers and the owners of the Dragon Phoenix, the answer is a resounding ‘yes.' It is cheap to produce and cheap to dine at, the average being around six pounds for ‘all you can eat.' That's the same price as a starter in some á-la-carte restaurants. For the owners, the ease and speed in which the food is cooked means that there's no need to hire skilled or experienced kitchen staff, whilst the ‘help yourself' manifesto of buffets means that there is no need to spend money on training waiters or on elaborate décor but Coventry Chinese Buffet restaurants like the Dragon Phoenix do and have style.


Their target customers range from all facets of society, from the working-classes to students, civil servants to corporate businessmen. Those who don't feel like paying 50 pounds for an average meal when they can spend as little as £12 and feel full for a few days. There's no pompous pretence involved, just food and drink at its simplest. It is this increasing supply and demand that keeps the Dragon Phoenix Chinese buffet ever-growing, along with the increasing ease with which to establish such a restaurant.


Yet I'm still not sure about the pros of the Chinese buffets which is why I have ordered myself to try them all around Coventry including the Dragon Phoenix again!.  There's the fundamental term ‘all you can eat,' which seems to imply that upon entry, it is compulsory to gorge myself until I can't take any more. The queue of people lining up and moving round the buffet is a depressing practice which Im still not used to. , mountains of  food. From 'sweet and sour pork' to 'yung chow fried rice, the wide range of dishes all seem to have a nice choice, yet the fact that it is a buffet means that you feel as if you might as well get your money's worth, and thus eat and eat even though you have passed your limit.

We all know that these dishes, which are also served in á-la-carte restaurants and takeaways, do not represent true Chinese cuisine, but the Coventry chinese buffet is the next step in geting the next best thing. 4

The Dragon Phoenix has been providing an excellent dining experience since 1998. With professional & experienced chefs, They provide a wide range of dishes from the Far East, predominantly prepared in the 'Canton' style.

Since the restaurant has been open it's been providing great chinese food at fantastic value. we can cater for large parties to satisfy almost any occasion. There have been a lot of changes to the buffet since we opened, but non quite as significant as the latest refurbishment! The buffet has completely changed with a great atmosphere in the buffet area, providing the customer with even better food and service and still at the same price!

The most significant additions to the buffet would be the introduction of a chocolate fountain, ice cream machine, grill amongst many others. The investment we have put into these significant changes will not disappoint!



Dragon Phoenix Chinese Buffet in Coventry

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Chinese Buffet in Coventry

Chinese Buffet in Coventry

Chinese Buffet in Coventry-The Dragon Phoenix-All you can eat-Coventry buffet-Chinese restaurant.