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Many is the time that I have been travelling around Coventry, and have looked through the huge variety of tourist guides and restaurant publications on offer with the sinking feeling that somehow,

I am not gaining the same information that the local populace is privy to.

The enormous glossy advertisements and write-ups extolling the virtues of each Coventry restaurant may convey its message to its patrons, Why are they having to advertise if their product is so good? Surely it means that they are shunned by all those in the know, and have to rely on getting gullible new cutomers?


The fact is that the best restaurants Indian,Chinese or Italian always advertise, because they are forever changing,be it seasonal or functional, Indian, Italian or Chinese. I for one love to see a new menu or special offer from time to time as it rekinddles my love of visiting restaurants and trying new things.

I have been visiting restaurants in coventry  for over 20 years.

I have also accumulated an enormous amount of knowledge on which restaurants you can trust to give you honest, value for money, quality meals and which ones try to rip you off.


The Coventry Restaurants Guide, unlike most other Internet food guides, is not merely a Yellow Pages style database, but insists that the restaurants are personally known to me, or recommended by members of the One Coventry Network Community.


So now, if you are a visitor to Coventry, you are not going to have a problem when you plan your trip as, all you will need to do is to consult Coventry Restaurants, and you will know where to dine in Coventry with all the up to date inside information that you require.


Coventrarians will equally find the information useful, and may even come across somewhere on their front doorstep that they didn't know about before.

So now look through Our Indian restaurants Chinese restaurants Italian, English, Vegi and make use of my accumulated experience, to gain an insider's view of Coventry restaurants.

Anthony Johnson(CIM)


English & Indian restaurant

Description:Indian restaurant

There are so many Indian restaurants in Coventry, but which are the best?


I wonder if your like us and love greek food?


Tell us about your favorite buffet restaurant, the food and the service.


Signiture Dish at: Holiday inn

Signiture Dish : Little Chef

Signiture Dish : Grange

Reviews on Indian restaurants chinese restaurants and more.

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Tell us about your favorite Pizza restaurant, the quality and vibe.



Tell us about your favorite Italian restaurant, the quality and vibe.


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